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BWPS Biodiesel Wash and Polish System

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Purifies Biodiesel in a single passage of flow Eliminate the use of wet wash or expensive resins

Complete Biodiesel Wash & Polish Station

• Fits along side your Biodiesel processor

• Ideal for beginners 

• 240 volt mains power supply

• Pressure gauge fitted • Simple to operate, robust design

• Lowest production cost per litre • No settling tanks required

• Holding vessel for purification media bed

• 2 Kg Eco2pure™ holding capacity

• 1000 litres per changeout

• Lowest cost, high grade stainless steel

• PED certified

• Continuous flow or batch style

• Single pass technology

• Slim space saving design

• Filter free wash process

• Includes suction and transfer hoses

• Integrated On/Off switch

• Free FFA testing strips

• Free Biodiesel Directory for chemical and oils suppliers Simple plug & play design

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Weight: 100kgs

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