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PC9001 PC9001 On-Line Laser Particle Counter

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PC9001 on-line particle counter with updated feature set, ISO, NAS & SAE readings, Windows 7 compliant analysis software.

Introducing the new Particle Pal Oil and Fuel Cleanliness monitor, self contained complete with integral pump and governed flow rate. Samples can be taken direct from the storage tank. Powerful trending software allows data to be displayed in graphical format for real-time trend analysis.

ave money, prevent expensive downtime AND see your oil or fuels contamination levels in real time!
Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, the PC9001 is a continuous particle counter with instant LED readout, computer interface and trending software. It is simple to use, low cost and can be used as an alarm to notify you of any changes in contamination levels. It is also ideal for plotting ISO cleanliness trends. Accuracy is +/- half an ISO code, the PC9001 utilises the exact same laser particle counting technology found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment.

The PC9001 can be used to trigger alarms or start cleanup filtration units to start operating.

Early warning sign for:
Rise in contamination
Component wear
Filter and seal failure
Water ingress
Oil oxidation

Low cost and compact
Easy ingration into control system
Highly accurate
Ideal for fluid cleanliness trending
Alarm indication with relay for controlling systems
Real time analysis of fluid cleanliness - ISO, SAE & NAS class readout
Easy to install
500 bar pressure
Flow rate: 0.5 l/min
Windows 7

Trending software is free of charge and is supplied with all PC9001 units PC9001
Ideal for trending contamination levels over time or for use as a record and permanent log of roll off cleanliness test results. This software runs on a standard PC with an RS232 port. The software can handle up to 5 inputs via RS232 or up to 249 when used with RS485 and the IM4000-3 converter

Results can be exported into Excel for additional reports / logs for archiving.

PC9001 Software is ideal for:
Long term trending
Roll off / finished component test results / reports for quality control
On-line flushing to report when clean levels have been reached

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