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BIOSTART Biodiesel Startup Kit

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Everything You need to make 1000 litres of Biodiesel. From the Oil, Chemicals and Machinery.

All Delivered Right to your door. ONLY £1500........Save £££££££'s Make your own Fuel.

See More Information to see what you get......

What You Get:

1 x C120 Biodiesel Processor

Specifications Include:

  • Sucks the oil straight into the processor once pump is primed. No more pouring messy cans of oil into the top.
  • 120 litre heavy duty conical HDPE tank with a 10" screw top opening lid for easy access. Tank Height: 80cm, Diameter: 55cm
  • Box section powder coated fabricated frame.
  • A 3kw stainless steel heating element with indicator light.
  • A powerful cast iron pump.
  • IP55 Rated Control panel
  • Built in 50 micron water wash misting system for cleaning the raw biodiesel.
  • 1 micron output filter as standard.
  • Independently adjustable feet for perfect levelling of processor.
  • Heating and De-Watering of the Waste vegetable oil in the processor.
  • Methoxide tank with paddle mixer. Methoxide is sucked into processor from tank.
  • Separates the Bio-Diesel from the Glycerol and waste in the processor.
  • Dries the bio diesel.
  • Filters finished product
  • Pump straight out of the processor into your vehicle or storage tank via the hose provided.
  • CE rated fittings.

1 x 1000 Litre Of Filtred Used Cooking Oil

1 x 205 Litres Virgin Grage Methanol

1 x 10 Kg Potassium Hydroxide

1 x Titration Chemical Pack

1 x 205 L Transfer Pump

2 x 25 Litre Chemical Resistant Jerry Cans.

(Also options to Drywash your fuel....with Optional Dry Wash Tower)

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