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TEA5 Triethanolamine, TEA

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Triethanolamine, often abbreviated as TEA, is an organic chemical compound which is both a tertiary amine and a tri-alcohol. A tri-alcohol is a molecule with three hydroxyl groups. Like other amines, triethanolamine acts as a weak base due to the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom. Triethanolamine can also be abbreviated as TEOA, which can help to distinguish it from triethylamine.

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Uses – Taken from Wikkepedia…

Which Industries Use This Chemical?

How is the Chemical Used in This Industry?

Corrosion Inhibitors

Auto Radiator Fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors

Oil Field Production

Metal Degreasing

Aqueous cleaners

Metalworking Fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors

Metalworking Fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors-High Water-Based Fluid

pH Regulation Agents

Non-standard pH Buffers (control purposes)

Plywood and Paperboard Manufacture

Urea-Formaldehyde Resin Buffers

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Making PCB Holes Conductive

Pulp and Paper Manufacture

Surface active agents (surfactants)

 *Uses Taken from Wikkepedia – Please ensure is right for your own use*


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