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MONOETHANOLAMINE obtained from the reaction between ammonia and ethylene oxide. MONOETHANOLAMINE, have a low volatility at room temperature, is hygroscopic, presents an ammoniac odor and can appear in solid or liquid form depending on the temperature and the purity grade.

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Application areas: • Detergents :

MONOETHANOLAMINE, recommended as a component in detergent formulations for laundry and dishwashing, degreasers, multiple use detergents and disinfectants. MONOETHANOLAMINE can also be used as neutralizer agent in formulations of car wash shampoos, degreasers in general, wax removers and as corrosion inhibitors.

• Agrochemicals : MONOETHANOLAMINE, used as neutralizer agent for anionic emulsifiers.

• Treatment of gases : Ethanolamines can be used to treat natural gas and petroleum residual gas in the absorption of carbon dioxide. In gas systems containing carbon dioxide, MONOETHANOLAMINE can be used as a selective absorber, and plays an important role in the production of ammonia, liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice permitting regeneration in the latter cases.



Steel drum

HDPE drum / ISO tank

MA – 503 (GC) WT.% ASTM D - 1364 WT.%

ASTM D - 1209 -

ASTM D - 891 - MA - 503 -

99 MIN. 0.2 MAX.

30 MAX.

10 MAX.

1.017 - 1.019 61 - 62.5

Monoethanolamine (MEA)

 • Other uses : MONOETHANOLAMINE recommended as synthesis intermediate for the manufacture of corresponding alkanolamides due to its reaction with fatty acid or coconut oil. As a consequence of its properties, this product can be used in various industrial segments such as detergents, lubricant oils, products for hygiene and personal care, flotation of minerals, etc.

Ethanolamines can also be used in the formulation of pharmaceutical products, dispersing agents for glues, gums, latex and photographic developers, accelerators of rubber vulcanization, corrosion inhibitors, pH controllers, synthesis intermediates, lacquer, paint, wax and polisher wetting agents, polymerizing agents and catalysts for polyurethane resins.

Storage conditions: Since this product is hygroscopic we recommend provide the tanks with an inert atmosphere such as of nitrogen to reduce the absorption of water and to avoid darkening through contact with the air. We recommend storing MONOETHANOLAMINE, by bulk in stainless steel 316 or 304 tanks, equipped with a water or vapor heating coil to maintain the products at a temperature above their solidification point.

 ***Uses Taken from Wikipedia – Please ensure correct use for you***

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