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BBIOSOLV 100% Bio Frendly -SuperSolv - Safe Solvent Remover

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SC-EZ-Solv™ Safety Solvent is an ideal non-evaporative all purpose solvent where long dwell time and continuous reusability are important. Comprised of soy ester and corn alcohol, SC-EZ-Solv™ has a KB value of 1000+ and  non-reactive with most cleaning compounds. SC-EZ-Solv™ is not water miscible and is an ideal solvent for removing gum adhesives, organic resins, polyurethane, silicone, latex and acrylic paints, permanent markers and asphaltum.

What is a corrosive substance?

• A corrosive substance is capable of causing very serious burn injuries to the skin and eyes, as well as damaging the internal parts of beer lines, pumps and seals.

• A chemical burn is an acute severe irritant reaction, which causes irreparable damage to cells.

Why is caustic beer line cleaner a problem?

Used correctly, caustic beer line cleaner will maintain hygienic pipes, however problems will occur if people conducting the beer line cleaning are not trained in the correct procedures &/or do not wear suitable and  sufficient personal protective equipment.

The handling of this dangerous caustic substance requires considerable care and the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent chemical contact with the skin.

To use in beer lines:
Pour 500ml into 11 gallon cleaning barrel, fill cleaning barrel with hot water, pull through pipes and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Pull Beer Line Cleaner through until cleaning barrel is empty, fill cleaning barrel with clean water and pull through to rinse.

Non reactive
Non carcinogenic
Readily biodegradable

Brewing and Distilling:
This specialty product is also excellent for use in all CIP system and line cleaning applications. We serve many larger industries including brewing, distilling and dairy. Please contact us directly to discuss replacing caustic detergent and acid rinse products with one safe line cleaner.

Our SAFE CARE® Beer Line Cleaner is available in:
5 Litre
45 Gallon drum
1000 Litre IBC

Contents include: non-ionic surfactant, tall-oil fatty acid, organic buffer, deionised water.

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