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petAID Absorbent Powder

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Pet-Aid is “super absorbent”, with a high absorption capacity. It’s so powerful that it doesn’t even have a limited range of effect, this means that Pet-Aid is “non-selective” so can be used on all spills*.

Safe to use, it cannot harm humans, animals, soil, concrete, asphalt, tile or plants.

Contains no reactive chemicals, is not toxic, flammable, or biodegradable. Pet-Aid can be used on any surface, Carpet, Tiles, Concrete, etc. Just sweep in sweep up!

Made from Perlite, an ancient volcanic rock, and is environmentally friendly and one of the most sustainable ores on the planet.


The Perlite ore is extracted from loose mines and crushed to various particulate sizes depending on the application. The ore is then heated in a furnace to a temperature of 900ºC (1’700ºF), this process then softens the particulate allowing the trapped water molecules to vaporize then turning to steam which in turn expand the particles. This makes the ore pop like popcorn, resulting in the ore fracturing and expanding to almost 20 times the original size, leaving tiny cavities within the particulate. Giving excellent surface area and tension, creates a myriad of tiny pockets that suck in and absorb fluids within seconds.

The use for perlite as a loose absorbent has many benefits that are demonstrated within this technical guide, not just for the daily routine of lifting various related spills. Using perlite has an excellent, proven track record that it is not only Safe & Environmentally Friendly but is socially acceptable & is an economically viable and thoroughly sustainable method for the use as an absorbent media. Pet-Aid provides a thorough, safe and quick way to deal with all types* of spills. The encapsulating properties of Pet-Aid improve health and safety in dealing with hazardous chemicals and can help reduce the spread of many viruses and blood borne pathogens by trapping them within the particulate. This is especially helpful in the control of virulent pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and animal pathogens like Parvovirus.

EQUINE APPLICATION Pet-Aid can also be used to help within the Equine Industry, many problems occur with the build-up of ammonia in stabling.

By placing Pet-Aid directly on the surface and then covering with the requisite media such as straw, will help to absorb this build up and reduce the harmful effect of ammonia on the animals hoofs and will reduce the smell from the gaseous fluid..

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