Derived from 100% plant-based materials, SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover effectively removes most organic and inorganic soils without harming the cleaning surface. SC-Graffiti,


Tar & Gum Remover is a powerful non-evaporative solvent intended to loosen tough soils such as tar, chewing gum, permanent marker, ink and graffiti paints.


SC-Graffiti,Tar & Gum Remover complies with:
OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
GSA SIN 375-362 & 375-363


SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover is a powerful replacement for:
Xylene Toluene, Methyl benzene Methyl Ethyl Ketone Glycol Ethers, Butyl Cellosolve Kerosene, Mineral Oil

When removing grease, tar, gum, or similar materials from carpeting or upholstery fabrics, begin by scraping off any loose material with the edge of a spatula-like tool. Apply a small amount of SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover and allow to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes before agitating with a nylon brush. For best results, rinse soil and residual product with an aqueous cleaning solution. Warning: Pre-test small inconspicuous area before applying. SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover should not be left on surfaces for a prolonged period of time because it will remove most paints or may damage some acrylic surfaces.


Appearance: Clear, slightly viscous light yellow liquid
Odor: Distinctive, mild
Water Solubility: Not water soluble
Boiling Point: 144.4ºC (292ºF)
Flash Point: 65.5ºC (150ºF)
Specific Gravity: 0.946
Relative Density: Less than water
pH Range: 6.9

100% Bio Friendly - Graffiti Tar & Gum Remover - Safe To Use


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