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BMAGICE Magic Ice - Urea Based Ice Melter

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  • Non Toxic to humans and animals - will not harm children or pets if eaten or picked up.
  • Non Toxic to vegetation - Fully Biodegradable.
  • Leaves no mess inside - will not stain carpets or damage polished flooring if walked inside.
  • Does not corrode metals, concrete or turf - ideal for playgrounds, pitches, steps, stairs, car parks
  • 10 Times more coverage than rock salt - light free flowing product makes it easy to apply sparingly.

Original Magic Ice Melt is a free flowing, fast acting solid de-icer in the form of white `prills` or granules.

The product is completely harmless to humans and animals and will not attack fabrics or metals, thus allowing application without the need for protective clothing.

Magic Ice Melt`s free flowing properties means it can be applied sparingly, ensuring maximum economy and cost in use. This 2.5kg dispenser pack is lightweight and easy to use. The dispenser comes filled with product and can be reused by simply removing the dispenser cap and refilling.

Storage - All packaging is waterproof and can be stored outside if necessary. The dispenser tub, once opened, should be well sealed after use to ensure free flowing product at all times.

Safe for Children and Animals Magic Ice Melt is completely non toxic to humans and animals and will not irritate the skin. Does not Harm Plant Life When properly dispensed Magic Ice Melt will not burn or otherwise damage lawns, shrubbery or other plant life.

This product is also fully biodegradable. Does not Damage Carpets or Flooring when Walked Inside Magic Ice Melt is a clean white prill that does not leave unsightly stains on soft furnishings when tracked inside. Unlike rock salt it will not leave scratch marks on polished flooring typically found in receptions areas and classrooms. Clean, Light and Easy to Apply Due to its light, free flowing properties, Magic Ice Melt gives exceptional coverage, particularly when applied through the dispenser. Applied sparingly as directed, allowing the granules to bore through the ice and work beneath, 10 kg of product is enough to cover 2000m². Will not Damage Metals, Concrete or All Weather Pitches

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