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B77-5000 Black & White - Maintenance Pad 100 Pack

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  • Open edges for quick wicking
  • Coverstock prevents lint sticking to machine parts and tools
  • High tensile strength spunbond coverstock
  • Performance quality Maintenance (general purpose) absorbent pad from the Lubetech range.
  • Great strength due to low linting coverstock applied to one side, minimises ripping, tearing and fraying
  • Dimpled to ensure product stability even when saturated
  • Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills.
  • 100% top grade polypropylene construction.
  • Perforated for economy of use
  • Black coverstock hides absorbed fluids, keeping your work environment looking neater.
  • Combining performance and endurance
  • Designed for use with day to day spills in any environment
Pack Quantity 100
Pack Weight 7.000
Unit Size 520 x 420 x 400mm
Use to Absorb 0.8 litres per pad
Product ID: 6605
Stock code: B77-5000
Part code: 5055614907516
Part number: B77-5000
Condition: New
Brand: Bonnymans
Weight: 7kgs
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