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The HEAVY DUTY series for Railroad, Mining, Marine, Energy and other Heavy Duty Cleaning Applications.

All Our washers are built to last, and the HEAVY DUTY series parts cleaning equipment brings years of precision engineering into the finest cleaning system that money can buy.

Using premium components and heavy weight 7GA. steel construction these systems not only provide precision cleaning, but long term reliability and durability.

Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with over 12 HEAVY DUTY models to choose from. JRI HEAVY DUTY series parts washers are available with turntable diameters up to 144" and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds.

The HEAVY DUTY line of cleaning systems come equipped with the following features as standard:

  • Vertical Pump Systems ~ With working pressures of up to 200 PSI
  • 7 gauge steel construction ~ Built for the most severe applications
  • Premium Components & Industrial Controls ~ For years of trouble free operation
  • Mechanical Door Seals ~ No rubberized seals that will leak!
  • Swing-Out V-Notch Doors for Full Turntable Access ~ Makes loading big parts safe and easy
  • Swing away Mid Level Spray Manifoldsm ~ For better impingement on smaller parts
  • Chip Tray with Easy to Clean Chip Basket ~ Extends the life of cleaning solution
  • Disc Style Stainless steel Oil Skimmer ~ Efficiently removes oils from cleaning solution
  • 2 Function 7 day, 24 hr Timer ~ Controls heat start/stop and oil skimmer for worry free operation
  • Upgraded Low Water Shut off & Auto Fill ~ Provides safety and convenience

We do not subscribe to the one size fits all mentality.

All of the HDS units can be ordered with the following equipment to help customize the systems to your own specific needs:

  • Oscillating spray manifolds ~ To enhance cleaning of complex parts
  • Gas and Steam heat options ~ Allows you energy choices for your specific application
  • Oil coalescing systems ~ For extreme high oils applications
  • Stainless Steel Construction ~ For precision cleaning and extreme pH chemistry
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Only Construction ~ An economical alterative to all stainless construction
  • Particulate Bag Filtration ~ Micron sizes from 5 to 600 mic
  • Re-circulating and nonrecirculating rinses ~ Removes detergent residue for precision cleaning
  • Heated and non heated blow off stages ~ For fast and efficient water removal
  • Sludge extraction systems ~ Improves solution life by removing heavy solids from the sump area
  • Steam exhaust systems ~ Limits steam into your building
  • Pump upgrades ~ For severe cleaning applications with pressures up to 200psi
  • Weight capacity upgrades up to 50,000 lbs
  • Insulation packages ~ Reduce outside surface temperatures and thermal efficiency
  • Mulit-level turntables ~ Increase cleaning space without increasing foot print
  • Custom fixturing ~ Parts trees, racks, and hangers to fine tune your cleaning

System Configurations:

Model Turntable Diameter(in) Inside Working Height(in) Weight Capacity(lb) Pump(hp) Pump Output(psi/gpm) Solution Capacity(gal) Heat Source(kw) Turntable Door Design
HDS-3142 31 42 2000 10 75/150 190 24 V Notch Tower
HDS-4255 42 55 3000 15 75/200 300 36 V Notch Tower
HDS-5060 50 60 5000 30 140/250 350 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-6060 60 60 5000 30 140/250 450 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-6072 60 72 5000 30 140/250 450 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-60112 60 112 5000 DUAL 30 200/250 450 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-7260 72 60 5000 DUAL 30 200/250 650 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-7272 72 72 5000 DUAL 30 200/250 650 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-8484 84 84 5000 DUAL 30 200/250 800 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-8496 84 96 5000 DUAL 30 200/250 800 72 V Notch Tower
HDS-10872 108 72 10000 DUAL 30 200/250 920 108 V Notch Tower
HDS-12084 120 84 10000 DUAL 30 200/250 1275 108 V Notch Tower
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UK Mainland - Non Hazardous Package £8.00 Delivery to mainland UK only - Up to 25kg on Non Hazardous Products
UK Mainland - Hazardous Package £9.50 to £13.50

Delivery to mainland UK only - Up to 25kg on Hazardous Products. Prices From £9.50-£13.50 (area dependant) Click Here For Chart


UK Mainland - Non Hazardous Pallet £35.00

Delivery to mainland UK only - Up to 1000 kg on Non Hazardous Products (1000 Litre IBC's, 205 litre Drums, 32 x 25 Litre etc)


UK Mainland - Hazardous Pallet

Click Here

For Chart

Delivery to mainland UK only - Up to 1000 kg on Hazardous Products (1000 Litre IBC's, 205 litre Drums, 32 x 25 Litre etc) -Prices From £24 -£70 (area dependant) Click Here For Chart


Europe Click Here

Non Hazardous Shipping Rates For Most European Destinations


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