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Active Ingredients: 360g/L Glyphosate.
MAPP no. 12716

Gallup Biograde Amenity is a systemic industrial weed killer for the control of most broadleaved weeds and grasses in amenity and industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas.

For use only as a herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds in stubbles, set aside, orchards, forestry, and non-crop areas, and for pre-harvest use in cereals, oilseed rape and linseed.

Key benefits of Gallup Biograde:

  • Excellent performance
  • Non-selective industrial weed killer, non-residual
  • Flexible application rates
  • Wide range of applications
  • Controls a wide variety of annual and perennial weed species
  • Systemic activity gives effective control of roots, shoots and leaves.


Gallup Biograde Application Rate:


  Gallup Biograde Dilute With Water Water Coverage
Forestry Situations 5 - 10 Litres 80 - 250 Litres per Ha
Industrial Situations 4 - 6 Litres 80 - 250 Litres per Ha
Aquatic Situations 5 - 6 Litres 250 Litres per Ha
Knapsack Rate 400 ml 20 Litres Per 800m²

Gallup Biograde 5L Pack coverage:

  • Non-cropped land: 8,333 - 12,500 square metres
  • Forestry: 5,000 - 10,000 square metres
  • Aquatic: 8,333 - 10,000 square metres

1 x 5 Litre Moss Remover Pro

How to mix and apply Moss Remover Pro 5 

For little or light growths, mix 1 part of Moss Remover Pro to 5 parts water. (5:1)) 1 Litre of Moss Remover Pro will cover approximately 65 square metres at 10:1 (5 Litres - 325 square metres)

Pour an amount of water into the application container, then the correct amount of Moss Remover Pro.

Top up the container with the remaining water calculated for it, and stir well. Note: Pouring the water from another container helps, and reduces foaming.

1 x 5 Litre Sprayer

With 5 litres of liquid capacity its practical and easy to use, thanks to its translucent tank, easy to fill funnel-shaped mouth, strong carrying straps and an additional handle. 

You can’t over-pressurise the tank thanks to its built in safety valve and you can reach almost anywhere in the garden thanks to the fibre glass lance and adjustable nozzle.

Product ID: 8825
Part code: 5055614916679
Part number: 5055614916679
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Brand: Bonnymans
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