Our Chemical Sourcing Service can help optimize your purchasing process, specifically for hard to find materials, by consolidating to a single vendor you know and trust, Bonnymans.



Sourcing products yourself can be difficult and time consuming: Hundreds of vendors with multiple contact points, web sites, payment terms and systems.

Coupled with time zone differences, foreign languages, and complex customs rules and regulations, the strain on your resources in research, procurement, transportation, accounting and management can be great. Bonnyman's has put at your disposal an outsourcing service dedicated to your requirements.



Our experience and outstanding supplier network across the globe provides you the best available offers on the market, timely organized and analyzed by our staff. You simply choose what materials you require and we provide a quotation with lead-time and pricing in local currency. If you choose to order, we will take care of the rest, buyig or manufacturing the material, custom packaging if needed, and including all documentation needed for the shipping and delivery of the product to your establishmentb in a compliant and timely fashion


A Simple Process:

Email your request for quotation to us with some basic information: MFCD number is preferred (CAS number and molecular formula are also acceptable) along with the name of the product and the desired quantity.

No prepayment is necessary and there are no minimum orders…just a simplified process for procurement of hard to find chemicals utilising our know-how and resources, with tracking and transparency throughout the sourcing process.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your requests......


Hugh Rogers

Sales & Marketing Drector