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  • AdBlue - AirClean Blue - ISO 22241-1

AdBlue - AirClean Blue - ISO 22241-1


AdBlue is a light colourless 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro IV Euro V & Euro VI trucks. Reduces environmental impact through reduced emissions.

Complies with DIN700070 & ISO 22241 specifications. All trucks and buses registered after October 2006 must be Euro IV, Euro V or Euro VI compliant and most will require AdBlue.


• Reduces NOx emissions by up to 80%

• Secure opening and locking prevents spills and odours

• Easy to keep in the boot of your vehicle for when you need it

• Non-toxic and colourless

• ISO22241-1 compliant

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