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  • Aevum Vita -  100% Natural Multi-functional Cosmetic Additive

Aevum Vita - 100% Natural Multi-functional Cosmetic Additive


Aevum Vita from ISCA are 100% natural multifunctional additives for personal care and cosmetics. Each
product serves as a standalone preservative whilst offering additional benefits e.g. odour-masking, emollient
properties and humectant effects.

These products can replace standard preservatives such as phenoxyethanol and parabens, which are NOT eco-certified nor COSMOS approved. Additionally, they allow the formulator to reduce the concentration of other additives in the formulation - due to the multifunctional aspect of the products. Aevum Vita are naturally compliant products and specific products on the range are GMO-free. Others can act as PEG surfactant replacement, meeting the current demands of the market.

Aevum Vita can be used in both leave-on and rinse-off products at small addition levels, ranging from 0.1-5%.
These naturally derived products are very kind to the skin. As a result, they can be used in baby
care/shampoos, as well as in products for people with sensitive skin.
COSMOS approval of these products is underway.



    • Each product acts as a 100% natural preservative that can be used as a standalone or as a preservative booster.

    • Low addition levels (0.1-5%).

    • Effective over a wide range of pH.

    • Can be used in leave-on and rinse-off.



    • 100% natural products.

    • Free of formaldehyde, preservative and thiazolinone.

    • Made from natural sources. Aevum Vita are mild products that can be used in baby care products and targeting customers with sensitive skin.

    • GMO-free propanediol.


Typical Applications

    • Shampoo.

    • Shower gel.

    • Creams and lotions.

    • Haircare.

    • Deodorants.

    • Children under-3 products.

    • Lip care.

    • Oral care.

    • Wet wipes.


Also Used In

  • Cosmetics & Personal Care 

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