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  • BONNY DR - Solvent/Alkaline Free Cleaner Degreaser (Spray or Bath Cleaning)

BONNY DR - Solvent/Alkaline Free Cleaner Degreaser (Spray or Bath Cleaning)


As an alternative to solvents or high alkaline based detergents in cleaning & degreasing processes involving metals (ferrous and non ferrous including brass and aluminium), plastic or glass components.  With BONNY DR containing no chlorinated solvents, caustics, silicates  or phosphates, it can be used as a totally safe alternative in cleaning/degreasing baths or spray systems.  Manufacturing industry, engineering, service industry. 


Product Description 

A non-toxic low vapour fluid with non-foaming properties when used above 40°c, and built-in short term rust inhibition properties.  BONNY DR has all the benefits of a totally safe product with excellent cleaning/degreasing performance. 


Typical Uses 

Hot water spray cleansing and degreasing systems for the preparation of component parts as part of manufacturing or refurbishment process. 


Dilution Rates 

For normal cleaning applications use at a 5% dilution ratio. 

For heavy contamination and for use as a metal brightener use at 10%                                                                                               



Totally safe in use (no caustics, solvents or silicates).  Lasts longer than conventional cleaners.  Non-foaming must be

Used above 40°C.  Inbuilt short term corrosion inhibition system.  Prevents oil, grease and slime build-up in equipment. 

Keeps machinery cleaner during use giving reduced maintenance costs for the equipment.  Also prevents sludge

Build-up.  Aids biodegration of oils, greases and other hydrocarbon material.  Very effective and economical in use.

Acts as a bioaccelerator for complete breakdown of hydrocarbons.  An environmentally acceptable product which

minimises otherwise expensive disposal costs.  Can be used to clean and brighten brass.

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