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  • Bonny Power - – Removes Stubborn Oils, Greases, Tars & Wax Stains – OIL REMOVER

Bonny Power - – Removes Stubborn Oils, Greases, Tars & Wax Stains – OIL REMOVER


Oil Remover – used for removing oil stains from block paving

As an alternative to dispersants, degreasers or detergents for dealing with heavy fuel oils and greases as well as aged oil contamination.  Industries, local authorities, heating systems, tank cleaning, oil distribution and manufacturing and Bioremediation.


Product Description

A concentrated non-toxic hydrocarbon degrader with bio-acceleration properties.  BONNY POWER has been formulated to be very effective on stubborn oils, greases tars and waxes, whilst at the same time being totally safe and environmentally acceptable.

Typical Uses


BONNY POWER unique formulation allows it to be used for removing the toughest deposits of heavy fuel oils, greases, tars, waxes and aged oil contamination.  It is especially recommended for tar manufacturers, road laying companies and local authorities to clean tar spraying equipment and machinery, as well as for the cleaning of heavy fuel and oil deposits from concrete, safe for use on all metals due to the multi-metal corrosion inhibitors used.  BONNY POWER should also be used for cleaning components, heating systems, tanks etc. contaminated with heavy grease deposits, where excellent results will be achieved.



Pressure washers/steam cleaning, floor scrubbing machines or by hand. 

Dilution:                                Effective use up to 100:1                                                General minimum use 10:1



Totally safe in use.  Renders hydrocarbons non-flammable.  Prevents grease and oil build up.  Aids biodegration.

Excellent cleaning/degreasing properties.  Acts as a bioaccelerator for complete breakdown of hydrocarbons.

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