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  • ClearWave 200 Cleaning & Flushing Solution

ClearWave 200 Cleaning & Flushing Solution


Highly Alkaline Cleaning & Flushing Solution for Ground, Air, Solar & Underfloor heating and cooling systems

Clearwave 200 is for the cleaning and flushing of solar thermal systems. It removes sludge, deposits and debris from the system, to maintain the efficiency of flat plate and vacuum tube collectors which can be reduced through contamination and degradation of the thermal fluids.


The use of chelating agents in the formula is specific to the need for keeping the pipes clear, so as to maintain peak flow rates, which can be affected due to calcium deposits.


Contains short term rust inhibition properties (protecting the system between flushing and the filling process)


Features & Benefits

 Ready-to-use

 Non-Caustic

 Added rust inhibitor

 Non-foaming

 Flush in 20 minutes

 Biodegradable

 Manufactured to ISO9001


Description & Use

Clearwave 200 is an alkaline cleaning solution for solar thermal heating systems. Designed to be used in conjunction with a flushing unit, it can clean a system with just 20minutes of circulation, use before commissioning as a precaution or to restore an older system.



Clearwave 200 should not be mixed with any other cleaning fluids. It does not attack materials normally used in ground source heating systems.

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