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  • ClearWave B Specialist Biocide

ClearWave B Specialist Biocide


Specialist Biocide for ground, air & underfloor heating and cooling systems


Clearwave B is a methyl biocide designed as an additive for aqueous solutions, to prevent bacterial build up. It has a very wide activity spectrum against bacteria, yeasts and moulds.


Works in conjunction with all our thermal fluids used in ground source, air source, solar, underfloor heating and heating and cooling systems.


Just 1litre can dose a 300litre system.


Features & Benefits

 Non-oxidising

 Low-foaming

 Long lasting

 Easy dosing

 Manufactured to ISO9001


Description & Use

Clearwave B is a biocidal additive designed to help prevent/remove bacterial contamination in thermal fluids. It can be applied at any stage of installation, although it should be noted that it will operate best if added previous to filling the system.



Clearwave B should not be mixed with any other cleaning fluids. It does not attack materials normally used in ground source heating systems.


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