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  • Deionised (De-Ionized) Water
  • Deionised (De-Ionized) Water
  • Deionised (De-Ionized) Water

Deionised (De-Ionized) Water


Deionized water is water that has been filtered or treated to remove ions. There may be other materials still in the water, but the ions (which may interact with your chemicals) are removed.


Deionised water is a type of purified water with mineral ions (salts) removed. These mineral ions include sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride, and bromide. Deionized water is created by taking conventional water and exposing it to electrically charged resins that attract and bind to the salts, removing them from the water. Because most of the impurities in water are mineral salts, deionized water is mostly pure, but it does still contain numerous bacteria and viruses, which have no charge and therefore are not attracted to the electrified resins.


For Industriial and Commercial Use

Supplied in  HDPE Container

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