Dipentene- UNITENE D is a terpene liquid, a class of hyrdocarbons produced by plants, that is colorless with a lemon-like odor. It is most commonly used as a solvent in a variety of products.


A colorless liquid with an odor of lemon. Flash point 113°F. Density about 7.2 lb /gal and insoluble in water. Hence floats on water. Vapors heavier than air. Used as a solvent for rosin, waxes, rubber; as a dispersing agent for oils, resins, paints, lacquers, varnishes, and in floor waxes and furniture polishes.



Dipentene is found in the following products:

  • Pesticides
  • Paints
  • Enamels
  • Perfumes
  • Home cleaning products
  • Hair color
  • Air Freshener
  • Diapers
  • Food flavoring



Human Health Effects

  • Dipentene is not a carcinogen, nor does it have negative effects on reporduction.
  • Dipentene is a known skin and eye irritant.
  • Dipentene can cause a sensitization leading to an allergy to it. Low level exposures can cause rash in people allergic to it.
  • People allergic to turpentine have been found to also have a contact allergy to dipentene.
  • Ingestion of dipentene can irritate the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Rashes have been seen in people who have come in direct contact with products containing dipentene such as wax polish.


Environmental Effects

  • Dipentene is a naturally occurring chemical found in a variety of softwood trees, plants, and fruits.
  • Half lives are: 1 hour in a river; 5 days in a lake.
  • High potential for bioconcentration in aquatic organisms.

Dipentene - UNITENE D - Versatile Solvent - Terpene hydrocarbon


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