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  • FloorBrite - Buffable Floor Polish
  • FloorBrite - Buffable Floor Polish
  • FloorBrite - Buffable Floor Polish

FloorBrite - Buffable Floor Polish


Hard wearing, buffable emulsion floor polish manufactured from high quality polymers, wax and resin.  Provides a scuff and slip retardant finish with a good initial gloss, which can be enhanced by machine burnishing.  It has good levelling properties, making it easy to apply and recoat.



*Based on high grade acrylic polymers                                          

*Hard wearing

*Protects against water spotting and spillage                                

*Scuff and slip retardant

*Simply removed using FLOOR STRIPPER                                   

*Easily applied and maintained



On all clean, dry, floor surfaces including vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber, linoleum, composition, asphalt, terrazzo, marble, sealed wood, sealed cork and sealed concrete.  Dependent upon the porosity of the surface, the coverage rate is approximately 400-500 sq. metres for one coat



Thoroughly clean floor and allow to dry before applying polish.  If the old polish has been stripped, the floor may require neutralising with dilute acetic acid (vinegar) – 2 tablespoons per 5ltr water.  Apply a thin coat with clean mop or applicator. When dry, apply a second coat and again allow to dry.  A third coat may be required on old or worn floors.  FLOORBRITE will dry to a high gloss, but machine burnishing will enhance the appearance, durability and slip resistance.



For a period of 24 hours after application of FLOORBRITE, the floor surface should only be swept or damp mopped, thereafter routine maintenance should be carried out, as recommended: -

A)            Damp mop using GP DETERGENT or a suitable neutral detergent.

B)            Damp mop with a solution of 1:8 FLOORBRITE.  When dry, machine buff.

C)            Remove dust by mop sweeping and spray clean using FLOORBRITE at a dilution of 1:50 or, alternatively use a floor gel.

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