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  • GRAFT GFT003-CLR-GB 290ml MSP Crystal - Clear

GRAFT GFT003-CLR-GB 290ml MSP Crystal - Clear


GRAFT MS POLYMER SEALANT & ADHESIVE is a high-tech durable sealant and adhesive. With excellent sealing and adhesion on non-porous and damp surfaces, it is also paintable, odourless, neutral and free from isocyanates. This product lends itself to any task in any outdoor conditions. Working hard on a multitude of applications, it provides a solution for almost any substrate. It allows 25% movement and conforms to ISO 11600 F25 HM. It is also accredited with EC No. 1935/2004 for materials intended to come into contact with food.


GRAFT MS Polymer Sealant & Adhesive is suitable for weatherproofing joints around windows and doors, glazing systems, sealing joints around sanitary fixtures, joints and assemblies in coach building, gluing panels, skirting boards, windows, thresholds, mirrors and insulation materials. It will seal and bond glass, porcelain, coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, polystyrene, uPVC, stainless steel, anodised aluminium and finished wood. It also has excellent anti pick qualities.

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