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Silicone quat to be used in personal care, home care and leather application  
Chemical Structure  
INCI – name - Quaternary modified organo-siloxane  Silicone Quaternium-17 

Amber-coloured, liquid 
Solid content

Approx. 50 % 

550 – 950 mPa·s 
Ionic character

Slightly cationic 
Storage life In closed containers at room temperature (approx. 20° C) for at least 12 months. 
The product is not sensitive to frost. 
The above given values are product describing data. Please consult the 'delivery specification' for binding product specifications. Further data about product properties, toxicological, ecological data as well as data relevant to safety can be found in the safety data sheet.


• Very soft, smooth handle

• Good hydrophilicity

• Excellent pH stability

• Very low yellowing

• Improves sewing properties

• Good antistatic properties

• High exhaustion rate 
Application technique


Personal Care Products 
HANSA CARE 2020 is an quaternary  modified siloxane used in various hair care and powder formulations. The silicone quat is compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients even with anionic surfactants and provides stable formulations. HANSA CARE 2020 provides long lasting conditioning effects in hair care treatments and improved powder adhesion in make-ups.


Typical features are:  
• Silky feel, shine

• Improved wet / dry compatibility

• Detackification 
Car / Home Care Products 
HANSA CARE 2020 can be incorporated in a wide range of car and home care products in order to achieve the common benefits of silicones. These include compatibility with silicones and many organic ingredients used in the formulation of polishes and cleaners for cars, floors and furniture.


Typical features are: 
• Improved gloss, shine

• Water repellency

• Durability 

Hansa Care 2020 - Quaternary modified organo-siloxane


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