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  • Hansa Care 3010 - Alkyl-and polyether modified siloxane

Hansa Care 3010 - Alkyl-and polyether modified siloxane




Silicone wax 
Chemical Structure

Alkyl-and polyether modified siloxane 

Liquid, colourless to pale straw-brownish, slightly turbid 
Ionic Character

Non ionic 
Solid content

Approx. 85 – 95 % 
Flash point (DIN 51758) 

> 100° C 
Viscosity (25° C)

400 – 1000 mPa·s 
Density (25° C)

0.92 – 0.94 g/ml 


HANSA CARE 3010 is stable in original closed containers at room temperature (approx. 20° C) 12 months. 
The above given values are product describing data. Please consult the 'delivery specification' for binding product specifications. Further data about product properties, toxicological, ecological data as well as data relevant to safety can be found in the safety data sheet.


• Excellent hydrophilicity

• Soluble in aromatics, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons

• Improving of spreading / wetting behaviour, in particular on non-polar substrates  
Application Technique

Diluting Instructions 
HANSA CARE 3010 is not soluble in water and alcohol.  
Fields of Application 
Home Care Products 
HANSA CARE 3010 can be incorporated in a wide range of home care products in order to achieve the common benefits of silicones. These include compatibility with silicones and many organic ingredients used in the formulation of polishes and cleaners for steel, leather and furniture.


Typical features are:  
• Improved gloss, shine

• Water repellency

• Durability 

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