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  • Hansa Care 7140 - for the universal impregnation of surfaces

Hansa Care 7140 - for the universal impregnation of surfaces





Sustainable universal impregnation for home and car care applications


HANSA CARE 7140 is an innovative formulation for the universal impregnation of surfaces. The formulation based on modified siloxanes meets highest requirements and is universally applicable.


HANSA CARE 7140 can be applied on nearly any surface, whether it be outdoor clothing, wood lacquer or car finish. The excellent water repellency produces an optimum roll off effect and simultaneously a high stability.

Function and performance of HANSA CARE 7140

On nearly any surface HANSA CARE 7140 forms a razor-thin coat which stands out for an excellent water repellency.


The coated surfaces have outstanding release properties leading to a unique "easy to clean" effect. As a result, insects can e.g. be easily removed from the car surface, and terrace floorings are protected from any type of stain.


Due to the innovative composition aggressive chemicals are not necessary for cleaning the treated surfaces, which protects humans and the environment.


HANSA CARE 7140 does not contain any aliphatic solvents. Its aqueous, fluorocarbon-free composition turns it into a modern product with a sustainable environmental protection.

Selected product properties of HANSA CARE 7140:

  • Free from emulsifiers and solvents
  • Does not contain any fluor compounds
  • Very good stability
  • Breathable
  • Water-repellent
  • Produces a nice roll off effect
  • "Easy to clean" effect
  • An activation through heat treatment is not necessary


HANSA CARE 7140 is a universal impregnation for nearly any surface.

Typical application fields:

  • Wash-in impregnation
  • Sealing of coatings or glass
  • Wood protection formulation
  • Terrace impregnation
  • Impregnation for leather
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