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Aminosiloxane to be used as raw material for care formulations 
Chemical Character

Aminofunctional polysiloxane


Transparent, slightly opaque liquid


Approx. 100 %


50 - 200 mPas N-content Approx. 1.5 %


HANSA® CARE 8014 is not sensitive to weak acids and alkalis. 
The product is not sensitive to frost. 
Storability If stored properly in closed original containers, the product will hold for at least 24 months. 
The above given values are product describing data. Please consult the 'delivery specification' for binding product specifications. Further data about product properties, toxicological, ecological data as well as data relevant to safety can be found in the safety data sheet.


 Very good hydrophobic behaviour

 Increases the gloss

 High stability to detergents

 Even film formation

 Spontaneous de-watering in car wash plants

 Low layer build-up 
Application Technique

Application Fields 
HANSA® CARE 8014 is applied as hydrophobic component with an additional gloss and colour depth improvement in care formulations, e.g. in varnish care formulations or leather care agents. 
It is particularly suited in high-gloss drying aid formulations and ceramic stove top cleaning agents.  


Recommendation for Use 
HANSA® CARE 8014 can be dissolved in white spirit, paraffin oil and alcohols. 
HANSA® CARE 8014 can be dissolved to a clear solution in a water/alcohol blend with the use of a low acid quantity. 
The optimal application amount must be adapted to the desired effect and to the surface to be treated.  We generally recommend an application amount of 0.5 – 3.0 %. 
The application amount for high-gloss drying aid formulations is 5 – 10 %. 
The application amount for ceramic stove top cleaning agent formulations is 5 – 15 %. 
Drying ought to be effected at room temperature; increased temperatures (> 60 °C) ought to be avoided. 
Recipe example:  
High-gloss drying aid formulation with a spontaneous water film split-up and gloss effect  
Butyl diglycol - 50 %

HANSA® CARE 8014  - 10 %

Iso-tridecanol + 8 EO Hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride - 5 %

Acetic acid (60 %)  - 1%

Water, dist.  - 30%
100 % 

Hansa Care 8014 - Aminofunctional polysiloxane


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