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  • Hansa Care 9640 - Alkyl amino-functional polysiloxane

Hansa Care 9640 - Alkyl amino-functional polysiloxane





Macroemulsion of an alkyl modified aminosiloxane as raw material for care product formulations 
Chemical Composition

Alkyl amino-functional polysiloxane

Appearance White, liquid emulsion

Contentration Approx. 37 %

Ionic Character Non-ionic  

pH Value (20 °C) 6.0 – 7.0  

Specific Weight  at 20 °C Approx. 1.0 g/ml


HANSA® CARE 9640 is stable to water hardeners as well as to weak acids and magnesium chloride. 
The product is not stable to alkali. 


HANSA® CARE 9640 is very sensitive to frost; after the impact of temperatures around the freezing point irreversible changes will ccur. 
Storage life Properly stored in closed original containers, the product will hold for at least 12 months. 
The above given values are product describing data. Please consult the 'delivery specification' for binding product specifications. Further data about product properties, toxicological, ecological data as well as data relevant to safety can be found in the safety data sheet.


 Pronounced hydrophobic properties

 Better colour depth and gloss

 Improves the feel of the surface

 Very good compatibility with organic waxes 
Application Technique

Application Fields 
HANSA® CARE 9640 can be added to many care formulations for maintaining the good properties such as water repellency, improvement of gloss and colour depth as well as the pleasant surface feel. A special highlight of the product is its good compatibility with the silicones and organic components normally used in care formulations.   
Recommendation for Use 
The aqueous emulsion HANSA® CARE 9640 is miscible with water at any ratio. The optimal concentration should be adjusted to the surface to be treated for achieving the desired effect. 
HANSA® CARE 9640 can be added as raw material in formulations for e.g. plastic care, lacquer care, leather care and furniture care. 
Care formulations based on HANSA® CARE 9640 can be applied as gel, paste, lotion, aqueous emulsion or as spray (no aerosol). The care film is dried at room temperature. 

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