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  • Inter 16 Agro Sprayer

Inter 16 Agro Sprayer


The Inter 16 Agro Sprayer is a high quality knapsack sprayer that is used to spread various weed killers in an industrial or domestic environment. The Inter 16 Agro Sprayer has been ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort when carrying while giving professional results. The sprayer also comes with a set of interchangeable nozzles for spraying in different situations, replacement seals (1 x rubber and 1 x synthetic), a disposable protective mask, a 100ml measuring cup and a pressure regulator.


Design of the Inter 16 Agro Sprayer

The Inter 16 Agro Sprayerwas designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. The sprayer is manufactured using durable yet lightweight materials so that the user is not carrying any unnecessary weight. The straps of the Inter 16 Agro Sprayer are padded and fully adjustable. The sprayer has a large opening for easy filling and emptying and is easy to dismantle for maintenance and storage. The Inter 16 Agro Sprayeralso has a specially designed eccentric pump system that will build pressure with minimal effort from the user.


Selection of nozzles included with Inter 16 Agro Sprayer

The Inter 16 Agro Sprayer comes with a selection of nozzles so you can make the most of your sprayer no matter the situation or job at hand.


Low Drift Fan Nozzle: This nozzle has been designed to reduce drift whether you are spraying at a high or low pressure. It is highly recommended that this nozzle is used for pre-emerging and post-emerging systemic treatments. It is also suitable for situations where a medium droplet size is needed, such as systemic fungicide and insecticide applications.


Deflective Nozzle: This is a wide open angle nozzle that is suitable for situations where a larger droplet size is needed, such as spraying generally pre-emergence herbicide. It is recommended that a lower pressure (1.5 Bars) is used with this nozzle to ensure the larger droplet size.


Hollow Cone Nozzle: This nozzle has been designed for broadcast spraying of fine droplets, for example when spraying crops with fungicides and insecticides. It is recommended that this pressure is used with a high pressure setting to ensure the fine droplets.


Warranty 3 years.

Developments adapted to crops: -  Yes

Working capacity: - 16 l.

Total capacity litres: - 16 l.

Set of nozzles: - Yes

Regulator: - Yes

3-position regulator: Free flow and 1.5 and 3 bar: - Yes

Lance length: - 0,81

Hose length: - 1,3

Carrying straps: - Yes

Carrying straps (padded and adjustable): - Yes

Back carrying: - Yes



Net weight: - 3,32

Gross weight: - 4,05

Volume per unit (m3): - 0,049

Packaging dimensions: - 18,5x43,5x60,5

Units m3: - 20,00

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