A syrupy, water-soluble liquid, C3H6O3, produced in muscles as a result of anaerobic glucose metabolism, and present in sour milk, molasses, various fruits, and wines. A synthetic form of the compound is used in foods and beverages as a flavoring and preservative, in dyeing and textile printing, and in pharmaceuticals.



Synonyms: 2-hydroxypropanoic acid, ethylideneactic acid, 1-hydroxyethanecarboxylic acid

Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCOOH

CAS No: 50-21-5  

EC No: 200-018-0


    Physical data

    Appearance: colourless to yellow liquid
    Melting point: 18 C
    Boiling point: 122 C
    Vapour density:
    Vapour pressure:
    Specific gravity: 1.05
    Flash point:
    Explosion limits:
    Autoignition temperature:


    Lactic acid has gained importance in the detergents industry the last decade. It is a good descaler, soap-scum remover, and a registered anti-bacterial agent. It is also economically beneficial as well as part of a trend toward environmentally safer and natural ingredients.


    *PLEASE NOTE - Not Suitable For Food Production*

    Lactic Acid - 2-hydroxypropanoic acid - Technical Grade


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