High Active laundry liquid formulated to remove heavy stains, soils & odours.  Contains a pleasant perfume and is highly effective in a high or low temperature washing cycle.  For use in all types of automatic, non-automatic and industrial washing machines.  Suitable for washing by hand.



*Concentrated low foaming laundry liquid    

*The blend of detergents and optical brighteners provide a brilliant cleaning performance.

*Outstanding washing ability at all temperatures in hard or soft water.

*Appealing perfume leaves fabric smelling fresh & clean

*Packed in easy to dispense bottle with side handle, wide pouring neck & 100ml measuring cap.



Pour into the main wash dispenser, dosing ball or dispense into machine through an

electronic dispenser.  Problem stains may be treated by pouring a small amount of product

onto the stain, rub in gently then wash as normal.  Please remember to check the

colourfastness of the fabric first & follow the garment’s washing instructions.  For extra

softness we recommend the use of FABRIC CONDITIONER in the final rinse.


5-9kg Wash                            Soft-Med Water                    Hard water

Normal Soiling                                     120ml                                                    150ml   

Heavy Soiling                                       150ml                                                    180ml


9-23kg                                     Soft-Med Water                    Hard Water

Normal Soiling                                     150ml                                                    250ml

Heavy Soiling                                       200ml                                                    300ml


To help calculate the correct dilution, the bottle cap holds approx 100ml




Contains a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, phosphate, sodium silicate, foam control agents, optical Brightening agent, fragrance, enzyme, preservation and dye.

Laundry Detergent - Laundry Liquid


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