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  • Odourless Kerosene
  • Odourless Kerosene

Odourless Kerosene


Odourless Kerosene is a mixture of high boiling range aliphatic hydrocarbons with high flash point.
It is clear water-white liquids, chemically stable and non-corrosive, and virtually odourless.


Principle Properties

To use an oil safely in insecticides, aerosols, it should possess very special properties in order not to affect human life. Aromatics
should be minimal and flash point should be maximized. For cosmetics manufacturring, it was found that this oil fulfills.



IBP Min. 215 °C
EP Max. 300 °C
Insecticides aerosols products. Viscosity at Cosmetics, e.g. creams , Charcoal lighters
As odourless solvents and thinners in paints and varnishes. In the textile industry e.g. in colour printing
of fabrics. As ink solvents.  Dry cleaning solvents, Drilling oil and of course Fuel Applications.

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