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  • Petroleum Jelly - Soft Paraffin - 100%
  • Petroleum Jelly - Soft Paraffin - 100%
  • Petroleum Jelly - Soft Paraffin - 100%

Petroleum Jelly - Soft Paraffin - 100%


Petroleum jelly is a mixture of hydrocarbons which is semisolid at room temperature, and it is also odorless, when properly refined. It is used in a variety of industries, Also known as petrolatum or soft paraffin.


Ideal for protecting Lead flashing when Softwasing


Apart from the general use for skin softening, Below are but a few of the many uses people have found for the wonder ointment, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly:


• Water Rings on Wood Furniture:

Rub petroleum into damaged area with your fingers and let stand for a few hours or if possible overnight. In the morning remove excess jelly with a paper towel and buff with a soft cloth.

• Super Glue Cap:

Often after it’s first use, the super glue cap ends up stuck fast to the tube and can’t be used again. Put a thick coating of jelly inside the cap threads to keep it from gluing itself shut. This will work on any cap or lid that may stick.

• To Shine Shoes:

A thin coating of jelly on shoes, boots and purses will keep them looking great and repel water and road salt. Wipe on a thin layer and wipe off excess with a soft cloth.

• Squeaky Doors:

Quiet a squeaky door hinge with a coating of petroleum jelly on the hinge pin. Your door will be quiet and you don’t have to worry about messy drips.

• Keep Your Hands Clean:

No matter what the chore, if it is messy rub on Petroleum Jelly before you begin. It will keep paint, stain, car grease, and garden dirt from embedding in your skin. It will soften your hands while protecting your skin. Just wipe off with paper towel or an old rag for clean up.

• Hair Coloring:

To keep hair color from staining your skin, apply Petroleum Jelly along hairline and ears before you begin.

• Car Battery Posts:

Stop battery post corrosion by applying Petroleum Jelly on the terminals.

• Outdoor Lights:

A thin coating of Petroleum Jelly on light bulb threads will prevent them from sticking when they need to be replaced.

• Nail Polish:

Rub Petroleum Jelly on the skin around your nails before polishing. If you make a mistake it can be wiped off when your nails are dry and it softens cuticles at the same time.

• Paint Cans:

Petroleum Jelly forms an air tight seal when applied around the inside edge of the can.

•               Frozen Locks:

To keep your locks from freezing, smear Petroleum Jelly on the shaft of the key and insert it into the lock. Work the key and lock 4 or 5 times to lubricate the tumblers. This is also a good remedy for keys and locks that just don’t seem to work smoothly together.

•               Sticky Drawers:

Apply petroleum Jelly along the runner on a sticky drawer to make it slide more freely.

•               Garbage Can Lids:

In the winter rubber garbage can lids can freeze to the can. A thin coat of Petroleum Jelly will keep it from sticking.

•               Tight Finger Rings:

Apply to your finger and the ring will slide off.

•               Grandpa’s Bald Head: 

Gives a glistening shine for those special occasions. Just apply and polish.

Nuts and Bolts:

Keep nuts, bolts and screws from rusting by coating with Petroleum before using.

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