Continuous Protection for Hot Tubs and Pools


These stabilised chlorine tablets provide long-lasting protection to your hot tub and pool water. Made from compressed, specially-designed chlorine granules, they’ll stay active in your water for longer, targeting bacteria and breaking down algal blooms before they start to grow.


Offers Precise Chlorine Control

Each tablet gives you 20 grams of 70% active chlorine. This gives you precise control over your chlorine ppm – there’s no need to painstakingly measure out scoops of loose granules!


70% Active Chlorine

These tablets have a high 70% active chlorine content, which means each tablet will go a little further. Chlorine works by binding itself to harmful particles and microbes (such as bacteria) and neutralising them. Once it’s attached to another particle, though, that’s it – it can’t attach to any more. Active chlorine (also known as free chlorine) refers to the number of chlorine molecules which are unattached in your water, so they’re free to float around and keep your water safe!


50 Tablets Per Pack

Each pack gives you 50 tablets. You can get even better value for money by picking up a multipack discount!


How to Use

  • Use 10 tablets per 30-35m³ every 3-5 days. Dosage may vary depending on sunlight, pool load, and so on).
  • Add the required number of tablets into your skimmer or floating chlorine dispenser. Do not place tablets directly into the water.
  • Wait 2-4 hours before entering the pool, or wait until one full filter cycle has completed.



    Note: If you require COA or technical specs for any of our products, please request at time of purchase.