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  • Reed Diffuser Base - Ready To Use

Reed Diffuser Base - Ready To Use


Reed diffusers are an excellent and safe alternative to home fragrancing where candles are not applicable.


A Reed diffuser is a mixture of fragrance or essential oils dissolved into solvent. The fragrance/essential oil is dispersed via evaporation of the solvent to fragrance the room.


Reeds are used to pull the mixture up and out of the container to then disperse throughout the room.

Contains 25% Ethanol (TSDA) 75% DPG


How are they made?

Making a reed diffuser couldn’t be easier. Simply pour our our reed diffuser base into a jug, then add 15% – 25% of fragrance or essential oil. - Leave up to 48 hours then ready to use.

Therefore, a litre of reed diffuser base, add 150 – 250 ml of fragrance or essential oil, and pour into our reed diffuser glasses. Each 100 ml diffuser we suggest to use 5 – 10 reeds for maximum dispersion of fragrance. Screw on the cap and plug, and your done!

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