Sodium Metasilicate is a silicate with a SiO 2 :Na 2 O ratio of 1, as it contains a high active content of both silica and alkali.

Its high level of alkalinity and its natural buffering and corrosion inhibiting action allow it to play an important role as an ingredient in many applications such as detergents, paper bleaching and deflocculation of ceramics.


  • Detergents
    • Ingredient in dishwasher products.
    • Protects the color of ceramics and enamels
    • Used in the manufacture of industrial and institutional use detergents.
  • Textiles: Stabilizer in bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Refactories: Setting accelerator for refractories.
  • Ceramics: Clay deflocculant



  • Appearance: White solid.
  • Chemical Formula: Na2SiO5 x 5H2O.

Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate, Metso 520


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