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  • Soft Wash, Lead Stain Remover

Soft Wash, Lead Stain Remover

  • Cleans Stains On Lead
  • Cleans Oxidised Stains
  • Used in Softwashing Applications


Perfect for cleaning oxidise stains on lead.. If you are soft washing with sodium hypochlorite occasionally you will apply the soft wash recipe on to an area of the roof where there is lead flashing.


Sodium hypochlorite will react with the lead flashing and cause a brown stain. This can be avoided by wetting the lead with water first and then if the sodium hypochlorite comes in contact with the lead rinse it off with water immediately. If however for what ever reason you aren't able to prevent the soft wash reacting with the lead then you would use lead x pro to remove the brown stain.


It can also be used to clean up lead that has aged over time.


Application method by spray or brush apply at a rate of 1 litre of product per 4m2 to 5m2 of surface area spray or brush product on surface.

Stains should disappear.

Repeat if necessary.

Rinse with water after stain disappears.

Do not use on glass

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