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  • Sulphated Castor Oil

Sulphated Castor Oil


Sulfonated castor oil is castor oil that has been treated so that it is fully dispersible in water, thus making it perfect for bath oil products.


Sulfonated (sulfated) castor oil, or Turkey Red Oil, was the first synthetic detergent after ordinary Soap. Also called Sulfated Castor Oil & Turkey Red Oil, it is used in formulating lubricants, softeners, and dyeing assistants


Water Content:19 - 21%
Aqueous pH 10% Aqueous:7.0 - 8.0
Organically Combined Sulphate:5.0 - 6.0
Alkali Value (to Methyl Orange):2.3 - 3.0% as NaOH
Acid Value:20 - 30 mgKOH/g



Water soluble low foam emulsifier and dispersant.

  • Textiles as softener, wetting agent and detergent for scouring wool and cotton and a levelling agent and dispersant in dyeing.
  • Paints and Coatings as pigment dispersant, emulsifier and stabiliser.
  • Lubricants as a low foam emulsifier with lubricating properties in wire drawing
    compounds, cutting oils and textile lubricants.
  • Leather used in fat liquoring for light coloured leathers, suede and calf uppers.
  • Disinfectants as an emulsifier and solubiliser.
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