Ready To Use Wood Brightener

Perfect for brightening wood after soft washing.

When soft washing decking you may want to bring the word back to life by brightening it. This product applied after you have finished soft washing will bring the rich colour of the wood back.

It is important if you are soft washing wood with sodium hypochlorite that you understand the methods and procedures used to do this. Make sure you fully wet decking first with water then after a few minutes apply a 1% or 2% recipe. As soon as you have the desired effect rinse off fully with lots of water. Then apply Wood X Pro per the instructions below.


Please see instructions on how to apply below.

Application method by spray or brush Apply at a rate of 1 litre of product

per 4m2 to 5m2 of surface area

Spray or brush product on surface.

Leave on wood until desired effect is reached. Repeat if necessary.

Then fully rinse with water.

Always Consider if appropriate for the

surface you are cleaning.


Always use the correct Personal Protective Equipment

(PPE) including gloves, mask and eye protection

Wood X Pro Ready To Use Wood Brightener


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